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Realtor Top 2 Questions About Drones

"Is it legal?" Is the first question that comes to many profession realtors when it comes to drone photography. "Can the FAA fine me?" is the second.

UAV's or "drones" are an amazing emerging technology and one that can truly help realtors in many ways. Of course operating on the right side of the law is the only way to go!

When a realtor contracts an FAA approved UAV operator such as Bill Adams of Midrone, it is the operator's responsibility to make sure the flight is carried out according to the provisions granted by the FAA and their certificate.

In some instances real estate agents have gotten drones and done their own shots coming to a rude awaking to a tune of $10,000 fined by the FAA. When a realtor hires an FAA 333 certified company such as Midrone, they're out of the woods!

Regulations concerning drones change regularly and we're looking for more reform to come. Use a trusted UAV operator that is in touch with the industry, just as a home buyer / seller uses a trusted realtor such as yourself!

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