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Why Are Drones So Creepy?


What is it about them? Is it the look of them? Is it the sound they make? Or perhaps the fact that they hover overhead? Even the name “Drone” is kind of creepy! Yes all of these may be true but I think the question real big “creep points” is the camera – the “eye in the sky”. Look at these two scenarios and see what you think:

  • You’re in a park on a relaxing Saturday afternoon. You see a kid with a mini quad copter flying it around. It’s the kind with no camera. Chances are you don’t think twice about it other than wondering if the kid can control the thing with the whirling propellers.

  • On the other hand you see a drone in the same park on the same relaxing Saturday afternoon fully equipped for video, and it’s looking right at you! This time you get “creeped out” – and rightfully so!

The idea of being “watched” makes everyone unsettled. The image of a drone with all of its propellers and the fact that it sounds like a big bumble bee adds to the effect. No one wants to be watched, video recorded or photographed by some little machine hovering in the air. And the fact that there’s a person behind the controls in may be even more unnerving. I watched a You Tube video recently of a drone getting video in a zoo of a gorilla. Apparently even our primate friends don’t take to kindly to drones as this big daddy gorilla swatted the drone out of the air with a stick.

As with any new technology there are bound to be those that will abuse it. These few make positive technologies into something that doesn’t promote community, or the betterment of our culture and lives. Then there are the rest of us, the folks that abide by the rules and by common sense; being attentive and sensitive to the awkward stigma that may be present with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or Drone.

Commercial drone operators must receive an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration in order to operate for hire. This process at the time of this writing takes up to 4 months and can be revoked at any given time. A professional UAV pilot operating a business will have no interest in “playing around” with his or her equipment risking losing their ability to operate their business.

With the right approach, preflight actions, community / neighborhood awareness, these awkward feelings and concerns in the community can be set at ease. At mIdrone we are taking the steps to educate those near our film / photography sites; and in fact helping people see the fascinating world of UAV photography and videography!

Something happens to a person when they see their home, property or event from a “bird’s eye” view. It’s a sense of freedom and a view of our place on the planet from an uncommon vantage point that only a drone can provide.

Here are 3 ways that mIdrone makes your photo session a pleasurable experience!

  • Pre flight and Safety

Good pre flight planning is vital to the success of the shot. Drones are susceptible to the weather and winds. Strict standards must be established and followed for pre flight weather, equipment checks and flight planning.

  • Signage

Communication is everything. The last thing we want is for people (neighbors, guests etc.) to be surprised by a UAV filming near their home. If people know what to expect they actually become curious rather than “creeped” out.

  • Flexibility

As we said before – UAV flight is relative to the weather. We may have to plan several sessions to get the footage and photos needed.

I hope this has shed a little light on our “creepy” little world of UAV’s. As always if you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at 248.330.0836, email us and visit our web site at

Bill Adams Owner / Pilot mIdrone, llc

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