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Pricing Info

With most things "what's the price?" is about the first thing that comes to mind, not so with drone work. We've found that most people are interested in "how it works" and "what it can do" first and then get into the pricing questions.

As with any form  of videography or photography each request can be a bit different with options and customer requests.  Our intent here is to give abase price listing with several of the options shown here on the site so you can have an idea where the "ball park" at least starts!

Base Prices Start At:

  • Stills Only $200

  • Stills  + Video $300

  • Event 1/2 Day $500

  • Event Full Day $750

  • Post production rates are project spec at time of quote.

And what would a pricing page be without a wonderful disclaimer at the bottom? Prices listed are for basic services and are subject to change. 

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