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What We Do

Customers expect fast turn-around times to get their real estate photos and videos returned. We create advanced photography and cinematography that will bring your subject into a completely unique and beautiful visual experience. Until recent technologies, only Hollywood cinema could create such captivating views and perspectives. Now with these innovations, we can get the shots and produce stunning images that will bring your business, property, or event into a completely unique perspective. 

Who Have We Worked With?

Real Estate Agents, Event Coordinators, TV and Film Producers, Other Photographers, City Managers, Municipalities, Business Owners, Insurance Companies, Inspection Service Companies, Construction Companies, Survey Companies, Mapping Companies, Sonar Mapping Companies, Private Party Individuals, For Sale By Owner, Non-Profit Organizations, as a Contracted Pilot, Musicians, Home Owners

How Much Do We Charge?

We start by accepting your reservation fee of $100, from there you customize the shots to your preferences! Go to the "Shop" page for more details.

Contact Us Today:

Phone / Text Bill Adams 248.330.0836

FAA Licensed Pilot | FAA Part 107 Licensed | Insured

We are dedicated to the safety and privacy of the public, our clients and their neighbors.  Our drones are only flown by our FAA licensed pilot.


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